Best Lineman Boots: Shock-free Climbing Boots and Buying Guide

best climbing boots for lineman

Are you here for some reliable, sturdy and comfortable pair of boots? Do you constantly have to climb electrical poles, put on climbing straps and work long shifts? Then you need the best climbing boots for a lineman. These boots are different from regular work boots because they offer you increased protection and safety in … Read more

Understanding the Work Boots Safety Standards: ANSI – ASTM

Don’t you just love acronyms and numbers? What about acronyms and numbers combined? They must give you a very special, warm tingling feeling. A lot of people have a hard time understanding these things, at least at first glance, and that goes double for the tons of work boot ratings. It’s important to know that … Read more

How to Break-in Your Work Boots in 4 Easy Steps (Plus some Tricks)

Do you want to quickly break-in your work boots? We’ve all been in that pandemonium of buying footwear that doesn’t quite fit, although they’re the right size. And buying a bigger size would only mean ending up in two weeks with a pair of shoes that are too wide. But things are particularly irksome when … Read more

12 Best Work Boots Reviews in 2021: Comfortable and Reliable

best work boots

  If you’re in a tough line of work, you need a pair of indestructible work boots that will offer you the much-needed protection. Won’t that mean sacrificing your comfort? Not a chance; these boots are really like Iron Man: toughness and comfort combined. The days when work boots were tough, yet hard as bricks … Read more

10 Best Waterproof Work Boots Reviews: Keep ‘Em Dry in 2021

best waterproof steel toe boots

  Construction work, archaeological sites, mining – these are just a few lines of work that require sturdy, dependable footwear. But you also need boots that can keep you dry when it’s raining or constantly stepping into puddles. These sorts of work boots are made from water-repelling materials. Unfortunately, with constant use, their waterproofing ability … Read more